Tuesday, August 14, 2012

#94 Len Barker, Rangers

Card Front: I'm not too sure Len was ready for his picture here. Couldn't Topps find a better shot of Len? I hate to say it but with Len's long hair, and 1970's moustache, he really looks like he might have just got done smoking a big fatty. I guess it's better to have a pitcher that is stoned instead of on the juice. I honestly don't remember Len being a Ranger, Indian and Brave yes, but Ranger no.

Card Back: How can you not just love cards that have as many if not more minor league stats than big league stats. Len had started to see the country having made his way up the ladder. I would have to believe that a guy who could throw 96 back then must have been thought to be the next Nolan Ryan. A nice note to Jim Bagby for hitting a homer in the 1920 World Series. Funny that Len was traded in October of 1978 to the Indians, but is still shown in Texas colors.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: After Len made a short stop in Cleveland, Len was a part of the 1983 Atlanta Braves and would play with a young Brook Jacoby. Brook would make his way to Cleveland just like Len, and would be a part of the 1991 Indians with a 20 year old rookie named Jim Thome. Fast forward to the 2007 version of the Chicago White Sox to find Jim playing with Scott Podsednik. Scott only saw time in 19 games in 2000 and 2001 before being waived by the Mariners.

Blog related to the team: In May of 1981 Len would throw the 10th perfect game as his Indians defeated the Blue Jays 3-0. That accomplishment would give Len the honor of receiving the first Donruss Diamond King in their 1982 set. A blogger that lives a couple hundred miles down the road from me is Kevin. Kevin is dedicated to The Diamond King with his blog. He can definitely tell about the greats as they were portrayed on those cards. Head over and tell him I sent you.

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night owl said...

I just hated this photo in 1979. And it didn't help that the card was one of those double-printed deals, so you always ended up with dupes of it.

Some of Barker's later cards are fantastic, so I guess he can get away with one lousy one.

MCT said...

"Funny that Len was traded in October of 1978 to the Indians, but is still shown in Texas colors."

By this time, Topps had completely given up on updating any new teams due to transactions that ocurred after the end of the season. If you finished the 1978 season with the Rangers, your 1979 card showed you on the Rangers.