Sunday, March 23, 2014

#148 Bruce Boisclair, Mets

Card Front: There is so much that I like with this card, but so many questions that come to mind. I admit that I like the look of the Mets and their classic pinstripes. I like that Bruce went with the classic 70's batting gloves too. I still don't know what that red machine on wheels is in the background, but the ultimate question that has eluded me is why does Bruce have an aluminum bat at a Major League stadium??
Card Back: Here is what it looks like when you are a run of the mill outfielder. You can see that Bruce didn't really tear up the minors, but it got him to the Mets. He wasn't a star by any means, but he was able to stick with the big club. You have to wonder how far ahead or beg=hind his team was in 1970 for him to pitch four innings.
Six degrees or less to Seattle: When Bruce got his first real go around with the Mets in 1976, another of the guys in Flushing was Benny Ayala. Benny would find his way to Cleveland to be part of the 1985 Indians. One of his fellow Tribe members was a young Otis Nixon. Among the hundreds of teammates that Otis would have, he was a Minnesota Twin in 1998 with Torii Hunter. After his time in Minnesota, Torii would see the West Coast, and eventually was part of the 2013 AL Central champion Detroit Tigers with Doug Fister. Doug made his MLB debut with Seattle in 2009, and was traded away in a bad deal for the Mariners in July of 2011. The Tigers sent Doug to the Washington Nationals this off season and will be in DC for 2014.
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

#147 Dave Hamilton, Pirates

Card Front: Another of your standard pitcher looking like he is on the mound poses. While we can tell Dave is near the dugout, There is just so much that looks great with him. I know many people liked to frown on the Pirates and their stripes in the 70's, but I liked the look almost as much as the black and gold interchangeables. I don't know if a young lady caught his eye, but Dave doesn't seem too interested in the photographer.
Card Back: Sadly, Dave was just one of those guys that was more of the situational lefties out of the bullpen. There is nothing in his stats that jump out and say WOW! You do have to give the guy some credit though, he did earn three World Series rings with the A's in his first three seasons in the big leagues. I would say a HR in the 18th inning to win 1-0 classifies as a pitcher's duel.
Six degrees or less to Seattle: Yes Dave went to Edmonds-Woodway HS north of Seattle, but he was never a Mariner. During his first season on the south side of Chicago, Dave played with Chet Lemon on those 1975 White Sox. Chet was a man that stayed around for quite awhile and was part of the champion 1984 Detroit tigers with Carl Willis. Carl would find himself slightly west as a part of the 1995 Minnesota Twins with a young LaTroy Hawkins. While LaTroy has been a man of many hats, during the 2010 season he would don a Milwaukee Brewers hat along with Corey Hart. Mr. Sunglasses at Night is expected to DH and platoon at 1B and OF for the Mariners in the upcoming 2014 season.
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