Sunday, July 22, 2012

#92 Jim Bibby, Pirates

Card Front: Here is Jim in all his pinstripe glory at Three Rivers. It is funny to see no one in the stands at all, but you can find people in the dugout. I wonder if something caught Jim's eye or if the cameraman thought it would look cooler on his card to look away.

Card Back: It is sad to see that until coming to Pittsburgh, Jim played with some not so good teams. It is cool that Jim threw a no hitter in 1973 and would also give up a lead off hit but then throw a perfect game in 1981. Jim would coach for quite a long time after retiring in 1984, but tragically lost a battle with bone cancer in 2010.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Jim's All Star season of 1980 as a Pirate, he would have a young catcher names Tony Pena. Tony would play many years in the Majors including a stint with the 1997 version of the Houston Astros with Jose Cabrera. Jose would stay in Texas and in 1998 would share time in the Astrodome dugout with John Halama. John was the PTBNL that sent Randy Johnson to Houston in 1998 because Mariner management thought the Big Unit was done and wouldn't pitch much longer. John was a Mariner from 1999-2002.

Blog related to the team: I'm really having a hard time finding my Buccos fans. I would think with them playing so well that maybe they would become more well represented. I decided let's see what other bloggers that have done set blogs think of Jim's cards. There was a blog for Jim's first card as a three player rookie for the Cardinals in 1972, but Jim's card was never written about. Mr. Bibby missed out on having his own card in 1973.  We would find that wobs would write about Jim and his 1974 card with the Rangers. In the far out 1975, night owl showed us Jim as a Ranger again. We would Jim in Cleveland thanks to Matthew in his 1976 version. Matthew hasn't gotten to Jim in 1977, and there was a 1978 blog, but they never got to Jim either.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#91 Terry Crowley, Orioles

Card Front: It is always good to see a player that is all smiles. I don't know if Terry is just happy to be wearing the Orioles colors or if something caught his eye. It seems as though it is a nice sunny day in Charm City. I must say I'm very proud of the O's for going back to tradition this year and bringing back the cartoon bird for their uniforms. As we all know, this logo is much more happy and playful than the correct looking bird just standing on the front of a cap.

Card Back: As you can tell, Terry is the defensive replacement extraordinaire. While Terry never really was a full time starter, Earl Weaver and other managers found a spot for him. Terry even has a World Series ring to show for his big league career. Since Terry retired in 1983, he spent three years ad a hitting coach in Baltimore. He then moved to Minnesota for the same job from 1991-98, and came back the Birds from 1999-2010 to help Orioles hitters. Not bad for a career .250 hitter.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Terry's season with the 1975 Big Red Machine, he would play along with Dan Driessen. Fast forward to 1985, and Dan has moved on to Les Expos in Montreal to team with and teach a young Andres Galarraga. Near the end of the run in Montreal, the Big Cat would call Brad Wilkerson an Expo teammate. Brad would spend a very forgetful April in 2008 as the Mariners DH being released at the end of the month for getting 13 hits in 68 AB's with no homers.

Blog related to the team: I hope with their new success that Orioles fans will start to come back to the blog world. There are a few that are loud and proud of the Orange and Black. One that I must say I'm jealous of the amount of success that William has on his autograph adventures. William is a lover of the great Foul Bunt, or should I say that's his blog. Go over and check how well he does with obtaining them, and his minor league adventures.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

#90 Bob Boone, Phillies

Card Front: Bob is in the classic catcher pose. I wouldn't even recognize it was him if it didn't have his normal #8 and his name on the card.  You have to wonder how well did those jerseys with zippers up the front work. I know that most people aren't big fans of the road blues from the 70's but I think they worked well for the Phillies.

Card Back: Bob was starting to get some star status with a card ending with 0. Bob would play through 1981 with the Phils before going out west to the Angels. Does anybody remember his two seasons in Kansas City? It's not hard to say the Boone family was a baseball family through and through. Ray was the first, followed by Bob, and then his sons Aaron and Bret all were All Stars in their careers. While not always the greatest hitter, Bob was might good behind the dish.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: We all know Bob's son Bret played twice with the Mariners, but that's too easy. During the the 1985 season Bob would be an Angel with Bob Kipper. Mr. Kipper would move on and in 1988 would be a Pittsburgh Pirate with a young skinny Barry Bonds. Barry would come back out west and bulk up to be a part of the 2007 San Francisco Giants with Travis Blackley. Travis made his debut with the M's in 2004, and from 2007 until just this season with the A's, Travis had not been back in the majors. It is good to see him make a full return.

Blog related to the team: Because of the fact that I just got in on his annual summer clearance trade for some Mariners cards, there is one man who must get some love. If you don't know who Cliff is, you need to go check out his Capewood Collections. Not only does he love his Phillies, and his close to home team in the Astros, there is other knowledge to gain. Cliff will give his opinions on movies, and give us the song of the week-- of which I've found some new songs and bands I've come to like. Go over and get in on the card bonanza!!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

#89 Dick Tidrow, Yankees

Card Front: If you were in the batter's box would you want that mug throwing at you? I've always thought the look on Dick's face on this card scared me. With that violent arm follow through, and the pushing of the lips out to point that moustache at you is creepy. I must give high marks to Dick though for the awesome stirrups and the low key Adidas shoes before they were cool.

Card Back: The drafting by the Indians in 1967 was the 4th time Dick was drafted. Look at those IP's in his first two years, 237 and 275! I think the players that came to New York worked out better than for the Indians. This would be Dick's last Topps card in the pinstripes as he would be sent to the Cubs in late May of 1979 for Ray Burris, but Ray would be released in August of that same year only to go to the other NY team.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: During what would be Dick's last season in 1984 with the Mets, Dick would be along side Calvin Schiraldi. Fast forward four years to 1988, and we find Calvin as a Chicago Cub along with Dave Martinez. Eventually, Dave would take his talents to the other Chicago team and in 1996 would wear White Sox. Another of those 1996 White Sox was Jeff Darwin. Jeff saw action in 2 games in 1994 with the Mariners for a whole 4 innings giving up 6 runs and having a 13.50 ERA as a Mariner.

Blog related to the team: How can there not be like 9 million fans of the most famous team out there? There probably is more than that many fans who love the Yankees. Does any body know where I can find one that also loves baseball cards, Star Wars, and playing the bass guitar? I know where he is, and his blog has that play on words: Bass on Balls. While he's only been n the blogging world for a few months, I have to say I'm hooked. Go over and check him out and show some musical pinstripe love to him.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

#88 Bob Molinaro, White Sox

Card Front: Bob looks like he might have gotten a hit, or did he just ground out? It is good photography to get the dust from his foot in the shot. It look like the Sox were on the road in the Bronx for this picture. I don't know why but I still kind of like the old uniforms with the collars they wore. I can't tell if Bob is wearing batting gloves or some kind of leather work gloves, they look awful strange there.

Card Back: It is amazing that a guy that had only been given 11 games experience in the big leagues got that much time all of a sudden. Granted, most of his time in '78 was at DH since the Sox brought in a hot shot outfielder named Claudell Washington. Bob did spend almost all of 1979 in the minors before being claimed by Baltimore and getting into a few games for the Birds in '79. Wow, 74 players used in a double header tells me they must have been long games...

Six degrees or less to Seattle: Bob only had a total of about 400 games in his career, but he did bounce to a few teams. During his few games with Baltimore in 1979, Bob was on the field with Tim Stoddard. Fast forward 10 years to 1989, and Tim would be a Cleveland Indian with Rudy Seanez. Rudy would stick around for an eternity to make it on to the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies. Another guy on that Phils team was Greg Dobbs, who saw limited playing time with Seattle in 2004, 2005, and the 2006 seasons.

Blog related to the team: The South Siders just won the World Series 7 years ago. You would think they would have a ton of bloggers. One guy that isn't afraid to fly his White Sox flag if Jeff. You might know him better as the author of My Sports Obsession. I could take or leave his baseball and football teams, but Jeff is a man after my own heart since he is a Michigan Wolverine fan(GO BLUE!!). If you have some extra White Sox, Colts, Wolverines, or 1981 Topps laying around get with him and help him out.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

#87 Pete Falcone, Cardinals

Card Front: There is so little that can be said about this card. Topps got so close that Pete's head fill up almost the whole card. I can't tell if Pete is unhappy or if it's one of those glamour pics look away poses. I don't think they could get his hat to sit much higher off his head, but the little redbird at the top of his jersey makes up for all the deficiencies.

Card Back: Pete is a traveling man. A little Northwest, some California, head to the Midwest in the majors and the minors, and why not go east and play in the Big Apple? It had to feel special to Pete to be able to come close to home in Brooklyn to play in Queens for his local team. Pete was already traded to Mets in December of 1978 long before these came out to us kids in 1979. The game was different in 1912, but 36 triples in a season?! Most guys don't get that many in a career in today's game.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Pete's time in a Mets uniform, he spent time in 1981 playing with Ray Searage. Ray would move on to play on the West Coast in 1990. Another player on the Los Angeles Dodgers roster in 1990 was Darren Holmes. Darren had a tendency to move to many other teams, and finished his career in Atlanta in 2003 as a Brave with Horacio Ramirez. Ho-Ram was part of a STUPID trade that sent Rafeal Soriano to Atlanta and Horacio spent the 2007 season in Seattle en route to a 8-7 record with a 7.16 ERA.

Blog related to the team: Ahh, Cards fans are everywhere. Whenever one comes up on this blog I know I can find a blog to love on. I recently found our future in the collecting world in a young man that is running a fantastic blog! You must go over and check out Andrew's Baseball Cards. He recently just held a contest, and loves his Redbirds. Since he is a teenager, let's help him out and load him up with readers, and maybe send him some cards to keep him in our great hobby.

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