Saturday, July 14, 2012

#90 Bob Boone, Phillies

Card Front: Bob is in the classic catcher pose. I wouldn't even recognize it was him if it didn't have his normal #8 and his name on the card.  You have to wonder how well did those jerseys with zippers up the front work. I know that most people aren't big fans of the road blues from the 70's but I think they worked well for the Phillies.

Card Back: Bob was starting to get some star status with a card ending with 0. Bob would play through 1981 with the Phils before going out west to the Angels. Does anybody remember his two seasons in Kansas City? It's not hard to say the Boone family was a baseball family through and through. Ray was the first, followed by Bob, and then his sons Aaron and Bret all were All Stars in their careers. While not always the greatest hitter, Bob was might good behind the dish.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: We all know Bob's son Bret played twice with the Mariners, but that's too easy. During the the 1985 season Bob would be an Angel with Bob Kipper. Mr. Kipper would move on and in 1988 would be a Pittsburgh Pirate with a young skinny Barry Bonds. Barry would come back out west and bulk up to be a part of the 2007 San Francisco Giants with Travis Blackley. Travis made his debut with the M's in 2004, and from 2007 until just this season with the A's, Travis had not been back in the majors. It is good to see him make a full return.

Blog related to the team: Because of the fact that I just got in on his annual summer clearance trade for some Mariners cards, there is one man who must get some love. If you don't know who Cliff is, you need to go check out his Capewood Collections. Not only does he love his Phillies, and his close to home team in the Astros, there is other knowledge to gain. Cliff will give his opinions on movies, and give us the song of the week-- of which I've found some new songs and bands I've come to like. Go over and get in on the card bonanza!!

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capewood said...

Hey, Larry, thanks for the endorsement. I hope you liked the Mariners I sent you.

I was always a big Bob Boone fan and a fan of his sons as well. Aaron ended his career in Houston. I remember Bob in KC. He went on to manage them.

I own exactly one 1952 Topps card. It's of Ray Boone.

Jim said...

Funny how Topps says Boone hit .295 for his career even though he hadn't hit better than .284 in any season to that point.