Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#33 Dave Rozema, Tigers

Card Front: Here is Dave after the release of a pitch. It appears to be an early spring game at Yankee Stadium in New York. Maybe Dave just preferred long sleeves, I'm not too sure. You have to love the old pants with no belt, and the striped stirrups. Where have you gone stirrups in favor pajama pants?

Card Back: Dave didn't spend too much time in the minors before debuting with the Tigers in 1977. He had a good year in his rookie season, and his numbers were similar in '78 but obviously the Tigers couldn't win for him. I think it would cool for him to be from Grand Rapids and play for his hometown Tigers.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: Dave would bounce around during his career. In 1985, Dave was a member of the Texas Rangers. One of his mound mates was Frank Tanana. All the way back in 1974, Frank and Bruce Bochte would play for the California Angels. Bruce would come to Mariners and be an All Star in 1979.

Blog related to the team: There are many Tigers fans that blog out there. One of my favorites and Trade partners lives right in Michigan. He is also one of the biggest Michigan Wolverines(GO BLUE!) fans I know. Everyone needs to go over and read up on Dennis at Too Many Verlanders. He always has good posts, and will hook you up trade wise.

Next Card: #34 Rob Andrews, Giants

Sunday, February 26, 2012

#32 Jerry Mumphrey, Cardinals

Card Front: A nice card from Florida in the spring. It must have been in the early part of camp since Jerry is sporting the long sleeves. The palm trees in the background give it a relaxing look. You can tell it is the 70's with the big afro, and high hat. Jerry seems to be waiting for a wild pitch from somewhere, or there is a hot chick floating in the sky.

Card Back: Jerry took the slow and steady route to the big leagues. After a 5th round pick in '71, it would take some time for a September call up in 1974. Obviously the Cards saw something in his '75 call up because he stuck around full time after that. It is nice to see that he never moved too far from home by being born, and still living in Tyler at the time.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: After 1979, Jerry would play in San Diego, New York, Houston, and Chicago until 1988. As a Cub in his final season, another 1988 Cub was Dave Martinez. Dave would move tot he south side of town and be part of the 1997 White Sox with Robin Ventura. Robin would find his way to be part of the 2003 Dodgers with Adrian Beltre. In 2005, Adrian would sign on as a Mariner and would play 5 seasons in Seattle.

Blog related to the team: There are many Cardinals fans out there. They should be loud and proud this year after winning their 11th World Series. One man that is an unabashed Cards fan is just down the road from me. Kerry(aka madding) is the man behind the legendary Cards on Cards. He has been at this for a long time, he has some great features including Airbrushed Fridays. Head over and read up, I'm sure he is still giddy from the championship!

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Friday, February 24, 2012

#31 Tom House, Mariners

Card Front: Here is Tom showing us the follow through of a four seam fastball coming toward you. I love seeing the old time Mariners uniforms coming back to life.  Obviously from the blues skies and home whites, this had to be taken in Tempe in March and not the Kingdome.

Card Back: Surprisingly, this card would show his entire career stats on it. Tom would be released before the 1979 season. I wonder what the Mariners had to pay the Red Sox for House's services. While Tom was born in Seattle, he would graduate from Nogales High in La Puente, CA and head for USC.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: As you see, Tom is a Mariner so six degrees isn't needed. Let's do a little history on Tom. After being released in '79, he went back to USC and got his second masters in 1981 in Performance Psychology. After a brief attempt with AAA Hawaii in 1983 to return to baseball, he became Dr. House with a Ph.D in psychology in 1984. Tom has worked as a pitching coach in Houston, San Diego, Texas and at USC.

Blog related to the team: I can't plug my blog all the time, because I don't post enough to be entertaining. Dr. House is a man of history, catching Hank Aaron's 715th HR in the bullpen in Atlanta. He also has a website of his own. Head on over and visit Tom House.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

#30 Dave Winfield, Padres

Card Front: A nice close up of an always smiling Dave. I know that most people want to always make fun of the Padres uniforms from the 70's, but I liked this look. Dave wore the old flapless helmet, which makes me wonder who was last player allowed to wear one. I think the Padres were one of the only teams to have the city and team both on the front of their jerseys.

Card Back: The beginnings of the start of a long, HOF career. Nothing like going 2 for 2 in the 1977 All Star game. Dave would get to be the Padres representative for the '78 game in San Diego. Getting drafted in '73 and getting into 56 games is no easy feat. One hit per game is a darn good average.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: Dave would spend plenty of time hurting the Mariners as a hitter in the AL. As a member of these 1979 Padres, Dave would play with Jay Johnstone. In the year before in 1978, Jay would team with Todd Cruz as 1978 Philadelphia Phillies. Todd would play Shortstop as a Mariner in 1982 and '83 before heading off to Baltimore.

Blog related to the team: There are some classic Padres blogs out there. I had to flip a coin to decide to who got the honor of the first blog push. The winner go to Rod of Padrographs. He is a wealth of knowledge on many subjects including baseball and books. I don't think there are many autographs of Padres players or execs he doesn't have. Give him a read, it's Swinging Friar-alicious!!

Next Card: #31 Tom House, Mariners

Monday, February 20, 2012

#29 Rick Langford, A's

Card Front: I love the look of the old kelly green hats and pullover shirts of the Athletics. When you add in the green grass and background, it really starts to get washed out. Rick needs to trim down the 'stache, and take a weed wacker to that chest hair. It's good that the high hats of the day are long gone.

Card Back: It seems that the Pirates thought of Rick as a reliever. The A's felt he would make a better starter. While "Scrap Iron" Garner was a big name for the Pirates, it's hard to tell who really did better in a 6 for 3 player trade. How about Rich Reese with not only his 3rd grand slam, but they all were of the pinch hit variety.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: In Rick's final year in 1986, Rick was an Athletic with Jose Rijo. Jose would go from Oakland to play with Bruce Chen as Cincinnati Reds in 2002. Bruce and former Mariner Yuniesky Betancourt would team up in the 2009 version of the Kansas City Royals.

Blog related to the team: It is sad that there are very few blogs that are Oakland A's fans. When they are at the height of playing good, everybody loves them(early 1970's, mid 1980's), and these days no one claims them. One blogger that I know is with them through thick and thin is Mark of the Chronicles of Fuji. The San Jose Fuji may soon have the A's playing in his town if they move like owners Lew Wolff and John Fisher have their way and move south.

Next Card: #30 Dave Winfield, Padres

Sunday, February 19, 2012

#28 Steve Brye, Pirates

Card Front: We see Steve and his long 70's style hair. He is really rockin the moustache everybody had to have in those days. How could you not have the Pirates without the pillbox hats of the late 70's? The pinstripe jeresy is the first of many combinations for the Buccos. It funny that in November of '78 he was released, and signed with San Diego in 1979.

Card Back: Steve had spent his time in Minnesota. It still intrigues me that players were bought and sold so much easier back in the day. After a year in Milwaukee, he came to Pittsburgh. As you can see, he got a hit about 25% of the time. Not much power, but singles and doubles do the trick. Steve would spend '79 at AAA Hawaii and retire at age 30.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: In Steve's one season in Steel Town in 1978, he would play along side John Candelaria. John would move around a bit near his end. For the 1990 season, the Candy Man was a Toronto Blue Jay with Pat Borders. Pat would eventually come and go as a Mariner 3 times from 2001 through the 2005 season.

Blog related to the team: I know the Bucs have been down for many years. There should still be more Pirates fans out there because they have a long rich history. One man that isn't afraid to fly the Jolly Roger is the Real DFG. He is a fan of all teams Pittsburgh. I think he is in for a good ride on the Pirates bandwagon this year.

Next Card: #29 Rick Langford, A's

Friday, February 17, 2012

#27 Dave Goltz, Twins

Card Front: Hey Mr. photographer, is this a serious enough look? I know many people hate the powder blue road uniforms that many teams wore in the 70's and 80's, but I like them. I wonder who the Twin is lurking in the background here at the Big A...

Card Back: Dave had spent his whole career with the hometown Twins through the 1979 season. In 1977 he would win 20 games for Minnesota. After the '79 season, Dave would move on to play for both teams in his new home in LA, playing for the Dodgers and the Angels.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: Dave would have many teammates in his time in the Twin Cities. In 1974 he would play with Rod Carew. Rod would team up with a young Devon White in the 1985 version of the California Angels. Devo would spend part of his 17th and final season with the Brewers. One of his Brewers teammates would be future Mariner Richie Sexson.

Blog related to the team: While I don't know of too many Tins blogs off the top of my head, one comes to mind. e rayhahn, rayhahn is run the by Rhubarb Runner. He is a die hard Twins fan that is always looking to expand his enormous Minnesota collection. Stop by and show him how much we all love the Twin Cities.

Next Card: #28 Steve Brye, Pirates

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#26 Jamie Quirk, Royals

Card Front: It is a blue bonanza on the front. Blue hat, blue eyes, blue shirt, blue sky. Thanks Topps, maybe a little bit more in the way of colors please. Can't really decide if he plays 3rd or DH's, let's just put both. By the end of Jamie's career, he would play at ever position, except Pitcher.

Card Back: After being a 1st round pick in 1972, Jamie made the slow climb through the minors to spend a little bit of '75 in KC. He would be traded by the Royals, only to be eventually traded back to Kansas City. Even later in his career, Jamie would continue to find his way back to the Royals again. Was it the BBQ in KC that kept drawing him back?

Six degrees or less to Seattle: Jamie was a man of many uniforms. Some times he was with a team for only a few games. With his stop in Oakland in 1990, he would play with Harold Baines. Harold was a teammate with Jason Bere as a member of the Chicago White Sox in 1997. Jason would hook up with Ben Broussard as a Cleveland Indian in 2003. Ben would make his way to the Mariners in 2006,  and stick around for the 2007 campaign as well.

Blog related to the team: It is hard to believe we have our second Royal before many teams are represented yet. Oh well, let's give out some KC Royals love. Another of the many Royals followers is Eric of Manupatches&Moustaches or Chrome Scratches or... Eric loves all things shiny and also is a fan of Rockie Dexter Fowler. Give him a read, it's always entertaining.

Next Card: #27 Dave Goltz, Twins

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#25 Steve Carlton, Phillies

Card Front: Back to back Hall of Famers. We see "Lefty" working his magic on the mound at Shea Stadium. It looks like the change up is the pitch coming to the plate. How cool would it be to see the Phils go back to the powder blues on the road?

Card Back: Look at all those stats! That's just the first 14 years of a nice 24 year career. You have to wonder if the Cardinals kick themselves for trading Steve to the Phillies for Rick Wise?! Steve was one of the most dominant lefties of his day. Nice little note about another HOF'er in Lou Gehrig playing his last game in the streak.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: Five years after this card, Carlton would be a member of the 1984 Phillies with Kevin Gross. Five years later, Kevin would team up with Randy Johnson in Montreal as Expos in 1989. Later in that same year a young "Big Unit" would get traded to Seattle much to Mariner's fans dismay. Then we got to know him as he got pretty darn good.

Blog related to the team: There are an abundance of Phils fans on the blog world. One that's been around the block with the Phillies and does great custom work is the great Phungo. Is it just me or is that just a fun word to say? Check it out and show them some Brotherly Love--Philadelphia style.

Next Card: #26 Jamie Quirk, Royals

Sunday, February 12, 2012

#24 Paul Molitor, Brewers

Card Front: A very young picture of a future Hall of Famer. Who knew he was a SS, I remember some time at 3B but mostly DH. While this isn't considered his RC, it is his first solo card. You have to love the pinstripes and the white front of the old Brewers unis. Is County Stadium still standing or did it get torn down?

Card Back: Topps doesn't tell us he was originally drafted by the Card in the 28th round in 1974. The 3 years at Minnesota would raise him to the 3rd pick in 1977 and a summer with the Burlington Bees in A ball. That was all it took for Paul to start his long career. How about the walk off homer by Maz in 1960. 

Six degrees or less to Seattle: While Paul was a Mariner killer in his career, he is linked to newer Mariners too. As Paul was winding down with his hometown Twins in 1998, he would teach to former Mariner farmhand David Ortiz. In 2007 when the Sox won their second championship, Papi reamed with Wily Mo Pena. Last year, Wily Mo spent a short stay in the Emerald City.

Blog related to the team: I think you all know who the first Brewers link goes to. One of the big dogs of blogging is Bill of Thorzul Will Rule. He has posts that will make you laugh, some that will teach, and plenty of great group breaks. He should be on the blogger's Rushmore with Night Owl, and DayF, Big Daddy J, and Play at the Plate.

Next Card: #25 Steve Carlton, Phillies

Saturday, February 11, 2012

#23 Terry Forster, Dodgers

Card Front: Terry is in the follow through of either warm ups or playing catch with a teammate. The position of the fingers is hard to tell what he was throwing. I think from looking at the carpet in the background and the green wall, this was probably Philadelphia...

Card Back: Terry was an effective left handed reliever. High strikeouts, low walks but chances to get touched up. While Richie Zisk was good, I think the White Sox got hosed in the trade with the Pirates. I don't really remember Terry's days with the Dodgers. I more remember him as a Brave later on on WTBS.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: As a Dodger in the Championship season of 1981, Terry shared the bullpen with Ted Power. Ted would spend the last two months of 1993 with the just above .500 Seattle Mariners.

Blog related to the team: This is tough, does anybody know of any Dodger blogs??? I've heard there is some guy out there named Greg who runs Night Owl Cards. Can't say I've ever heard of it. Honestly though, he has one of the all-time greatest blogs out there. If you haven't read yesterday's post, it is an Instant Classic!!

Next Card: #24 Paul Molitor, Brewers

Friday, February 10, 2012

#22 Mike Jorgensen, Rangers

Card Front: Good thing Topps didn't make cards that required 3D glasses in '79 or that bat would hit you in the head. How can you not love the classic no belt snap pants of the '70s. Mike is a fashion maven with his yellow batting gloves, long hair, and mesh back trucker hat.

Card Back: Mike has been around by this time in his career. Being with his fourth team in 11 seasons. While obviously not a high average guy, he was serviceable. Pretty awesome that after six seasons with the Expos, he makes his home up in Canada. How about Bob Feller striking out 17 at age 17.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: Mike was a guy who got around. While playing as a Met in 1980, Mike worked with Juan Berenguer. Juan was a member of the Kansas City Royals in 1982 with Rico Rossy. Rico spent a very brief time in 1998 with Ken Cloude as they wore Mariners colors together. 

Blog related to the team: I know there are plenty of fans of the two time defending AL Champions. One of the most well known and always writing bloggers is Brian of the great Play at the Plate. He is always writing informative posts, and always has his monthly contests. Even I won one once! Read the blog of one of the greats....

Next Card: #23 Terry Forster, Dodgers

Thursday, February 9, 2012

#21 Kevin Kobel, Mets

Card Front: A great spring photo of Kevin in Florida. I'm mysterious ladies, I'm looking away from you. You have to love the beginnings of a good redheaded afro, and the bushy Fu Manchu moustache.

Card Back: It seems as 1973 and 1975 were September call ups to the Brewers. The Brewers would have Kevin start all year in '74, and the Mets started him in 1978. It is strange to think today how common it was then for teams to purchase players' contracts. The Mets basically bought Kevin from Milwaukee like a steak. How about the Braves in 1958 with homers on successive pitches.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: As a Met in 1980, Kevin played with Steve Henderson. Steve was a Mariner later on. Steve would hang out in 1986 in Oakland with Steve Ontiveros. The second Steve would team with Jeff Schaefer as Athletics in 1994, after Jeff spent parts of the last three years in the Mariner infield.

Blog related to the team: There are plenty of fans of the Mets. I feel for Mets fans because they don't get the attention of Yankee fans. One blogger who carries the Mets flag proud is ..Joe of The Sandlot. If you know Joe or have traded with him, he is a generous guy always sending packages out of the blue for you. Look him up, and watch the movie by the same name.

Next Card: #22 Mike Jorgensen, Rangers

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#20 Joe Morgan, Reds

Card Front: The first card with the All Star ribbon. I liked these much more than the newer cards in the Update set. You have to love the old flapless batting helmet, those aren't legal anymore. Joe looks like a fireplug.

Card Back: Nothing like having 15 years of stats. There is so many numbers Topps doesn't even give any interesting factoids about Joe. It's not often you seen much reference to the Colt .45's anymore. It's too bad the Astros couldn't bring back that name. I'm sure it would be deemed violent and insensitive nowadays.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: Joe would move around alot in the final years of his career. During his year in Philadelphia in 1983, Joe played along side "the Sarge" Gary Matthews. Gary would come to Seattle in 1987 and play with catcher Bob Kearney.

Blog related to the team: I know there are many Reds fans out there. One of the most well known, and home of many group breaks is the great Nachos Grande. Not only does he love his Reds, but he is also a huge Barry Larkin collector.

Next Card: #21 Kevin Kobel, Mets

Monday, February 6, 2012

#19 Larry Gura, Royals

Card Front: Larry is looking off into space. Hey cameraman, do you realize I'm a veteran major leaguer? I don't time to do a fancy photo shoot. Let's get this done so I can get in my running and make my afternoon tee time.

Card Back: Larry started his career with his hometown Cubs. I wonder if he was a White Sox or Cubs fan growing up. In 1969, $50,000 was probably a big signing bonus compared to nowadays. The Royals saw something, making him a starter in 1978.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: While Larry was with the Yankees in 1974, he played with Rick Dempsey. As members of the Dodgers in 1990, Rick teamed with Dave Hansen. Dave was a Mariner in 2004 with one of the Aussie Mariners in Travis Blackley.

Blog Related to the Team: While there aren't many Royals blogs out there, I do know of one. Josh has a newer blog, but does great work at Royals and Randoms. Give him a read, and maybe make a trade with him.

Next Card: #20 Joe Morgan, Reds

Sunday, February 5, 2012

#18 Tony Solaita, Angels

Card Front: Tony making his pose during the 1978 season at the Big A in Anaheim. It is funny to see Tony as an Angel on a 1979 card since he was nowhere near the Angels for the '79 season having been sold to the Expos in the off season. Tony would be a trade deadline guy, going the Blue Jays in the middle of '79. Nice work to see all of Canada in one season.

Card Back: The one token AB for the Yankees stands out, and then nearly 6 seasons before making it back to the big leagues. Three years in KC, three in Anaheim, 1979 would see Tony in both Canadian cities in Montreal and Toronto. He would spend the next four seasons in Japan. He is the only player to ever be born in American Samoa to play in the Majors. He would tragically be murdered in his home on February 10, 1990 at the age of 43 over a land dispute.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: While splitting time in Canada in '79, Tony teamed up with Larry Parrish in Montreal in 1979. Larry would be on the 1988 Texas Rangers with future 1B Pete O'Brien. Pete would also spend 1990 with short time guy Gary Eave in Seattle.

Blog related to the team: There aren't too many Angel blogs out there. One of the best is The Angels, in Order. Tom does an excellent job of chronicaling the history of the Halos, and showing off many different historical things Angel related. If you have extra Angels cards, hit him up because he does awesome trades too.

Next Card: #19 Larry Gura, Royals

Saturday, February 4, 2012

#17 Donnie Moore, Cubs

Card Front: Donnie is showing the classic posed picture for pitchers from spring training. Show the glove, lean forward, and look above the camera. This picture would be from the last years in Scottsdale before the Cubs would move back to Mesa and HoHoKam Park. Donnie is still known more as an Angel, and that one missed pitch in 1986.

Card Back: After being drafted in 1973, Donnie would make it quick to the Cubs in '75. A little more seasoning in the minors, and he was destined to stick in the Majors. Donnie would make it almost another 10 years in the big leagues. Dave Johnson with 2 pinch grand slams in a season, that is not easy to do.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: While Donnie has been gone since that fateful day in July of 1989,  he is linked to the 2009 Mariners and new Cub Ryan Rowland-Smith. Ryan and Jarrod Washburn shared the mound in Seattle. Jarrod was part of the Joyner part II time in Anaheim in 2001 with Wally Joyner. Wally spent his first go around with the Halos in 1988 before Donnie would leave the Angels.

Blog related to the team: As we all know there are tons of fans of the Lovable Losers. There are also several bloggers that love their Cubs. The first we give some love to names himself after the stadium. You should all know and read Wrigley Wax. If you ever want to know about Cubs cards, I think he has them all.

Next Card: #18 Tony Solaita, Angels

Friday, February 3, 2012

#16 Fred Stanley, Yankees

Card Front: Fred is at home in Yankee Stadium show an unusual bunting stance. I don't know if it was for fashion or he just lost a batting glove, but you have to love the two different colored gloves. It looks as though by the powder blue unis and the vague caps, they were playing the Twins in this game.

Card Back: Wow, 10 seasons in the majors and you only have 246 hits? No wonder the guy is shown bunting on the front. Not much power to speak of either, with only 34 extra base hits for a career. It seems the glove was more important than plate presence.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: Fred was a member of the original Seattle team with the Pilots in 1969. Fred can be linked to short time 1991 Mariner Pat Rice. Another Pat in Patrick Lennon was also on that '91 team. Mr. Lennon was a Blue Jay in 1998 with Tony Phillips. Tony spent Fred's last season in 1982 as members of the Oakland Athletics.

Blog related to the team: While there are quite a few Yankee centered blogs, I know who gets highlighted first. I'm sure most of you know AJ of The Lost Collector  by now. He does great work about a team I don't like as a Mariner fan. His redeeming quality is that he is a Tino Martinez fan, and Tino was a Mariner to start his Career.

Next Card: #17 Donnie Moore, Cubs

#15 Ross Grimsley, Expos

Card Front: Ross is going through his warm up tosses to start the inning it seems. It looks as though it might be a day game at Riverfront in Cincinnati. How can you not love the tri-color hat and powder blue of the Expos? Looking near the bottom, where have stirrups gone in baseball?

Card Back: It looks like Ross has had much more success than dad, who only pitched one season in the majors. I like how Topps decided there wasn't enough room to spell out Ohio, or just Oh. for his home state now. People talk about limited innings and pitch counts nowadays, but in 1932 Ed Rommel went 17 innings in relief to get the win!

Six degrees or less to Seattle: Ross would play out his time with Montreal, and in 1982 as a member of the Baltimore Orioles he played with a kid named Cal Ripken. Cal would spend his last year in 2001 playing with John Parrish. John was a member very briefly with the 2007 version of the Mariners, and played along side Kenji Johjima.

Blog related to the team: While there aren't many Expos blogs or fans out there, I do know of one in Montreal Expos Baseball Cards. They do a card by card breakdown of past Expos sets. Does anybody know of any Nationals blogs to use for the Expos also?

Next Card: #16 Fred Stanley, Yankees

Thursday, February 2, 2012

#14 Rafael Landestoy, Astros

Card Front: Rafael showing off the great looking Astros uniforms of old. While he doesn't have the huge afro working, he wears his hat high on his head. I wonder what is off in the distance to his left that has him so intrigued?

Card Back: Rafael was a September call up for the Dodgers in '77 and saw the World Series. It seems that the Astros used him after acquiring him as a PTBNL in a trade in 1978. He would still play until the end of '84. You look at the June 15, 1925 game that in ended as a 17-15 game, and it sounds like a game from the mid 90's on steroids not a dead ball era game.

Six Degrees or less to Seattle: Rafael had a teammate in Houston in Jose Cruz. Jose's son was a Mariner in 1997 with Norm Charlton. Norm was a Cincinnati Red in 1988 with Eddie Milner. Eddie spent part of the 1981 season as a Red with Rafael.

Blog related to the team: One of the newer blogs to the world. I know that Trey of Rants, reviews, and fandom is an Astros fan. He does some great work and should try and look him up.

Next Card: #15 Ross Grimsley, Expos

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#13 Paul Dade, Indians

Card Front: How can you not just love the all red Indians uniforms? The classic wishbone C on the is something they should definitely bring back. What is with the tape just below the knuckles on his left hand? I don't know where the Indians trained back then, but the field does look good.

Card Back: It seems the Angels couldn't decide to Paul up with big club, or keep sending him to Salt Lake City. His best move was to sign with the Indians instead. It is interesting to see that Paul is form Seattle, and went to Nathan Hale High School. 

Six degrees or less to Seattle: Paul can be linked to a player from last year's team in Michael Saunders. The Condor played with Wily Mo Pena last year. Wily played with one time Mariner prospect Jason Varitek as a Red Sox in 2008, and Jason would team with Dennis Eckersley in Boston in 1998. If you then go all the way back to 1977, Dennis and Paul were members of the Indians together.

Blog related to the team: One of the few Indians centered blogs that I know of is Indians Baseball Cards. While it is predominately Indians, there is planty of other good stuff to read also.

Next Card: #14 Rafael Landestoy, Astros