Sunday, September 29, 2013

#131 Jim Clancy, Blue Jays

Card Front: Jim says look at me ladies, I'm looking fine with my big hair and 'stache. I know most people are glad to be away from pullovers and double knits. I think that the powder blue of Toronto is such a classic, especially against the red seats of Cleveland Stadium(?). I'm glad that the Jays have finally gone back to a new logo that is similar to the original.
Card Back: Ahh, the beginnings of a long career. It is always fun to see minor league stats and have to look up where some places are. I don't think that a team would acquire a player on the advice of a coach who played against a player in minors nowadays. It is unusual to see a team like the White Sox use four pinch runners in a single inning.
Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Jim's rookie campaign of 1977, he would wave the maple leaf for Toronto with Phil Roof. Phil was a man that would see time in many places including a stint as a Cleveland Indian in 1965 with Dick Donovan. If you hit the rewind button to ten years earlier, Dick spend time teaming up with Jim Busby on the 1955 version of the Chicago White Sox. Jim was part of Darrell Johnson's coaching staff in 1977 and 1978 for the original Mariners.
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

#130 Bob Watson, Astros

Card Front: It almost feels like a Skittles commercial. Taste the Rainbow. I really think it would be great if the Astros would wear these as a Sunday special. It seems as though we find Bob taking in a spring training game against the Mets. This definitely isn't the Astrodome, but I doubt they would wear white at Shea Stadium. It is always good to track the flight of your hit.
Card Back: What a long list of stats. It always neat to me to have seen a card with player's stats from only one team. That would be the case for Bob, but this would be one of the final ones. During the 1979 season he would go to Boston. In his final five seasons, he would make it to New York and Atlanta also. Not too bad to be an All Star in the mid 70's during the times of some great players.
Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Bob's long run in Houston, he had many players come and go in the locker room of the Astrodome. During the season in 1977, Bob would play with Terry Puhl in the rainbows. Terry would be around for a long time, and would spend some time in 1991 in Kansas City as a Royal with Brian McRae. Brian would make some time in Toronto in 1999, and one of his teammates for three games was Anthony Sanders. Anthony would come to Seattle in 2000 for one game, and would see nine more in 2001 only to have no more big league career. 
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

#129 Marty Pattin, Royals

Card Front: It appears to be a rainy day in Detroit for Marty and the Royals. I guess if you can't play in the rain, you might as well catch up on some pictures for next season's baseball cards. There are some things you just miss like old stadiums, pullover jerseys, and powder blue. We all wonder though, where the ball Marty? Hello, McFly!! You need to convince us you are pitching by having a ball in your hand....
Card Back: I am one that loves to see lots of minor and major league stats on cards. I do like guys that have lots of big league stats with more than one or two teams. The amazing thing is the way that players back in the day could throw many innings and put up numbers, while players nowadays are so limited by pitch counts and other limitations. Amazing that you could hit 3 grand slams in one week.
Six degrees or less to Seattle: Yes, Marty was a member of the short lived Pilots in 1969. During Marty's rookie season in 1968 he was a California Angel with Tom Burgmeier. Tom would string it out until he was part of the Oakland A's team in 1984 with Dave Leiper. Dave would play around to find himself in the city of brotherly love in 1996, to be a Phillie with Scott Rolen. Scott would make it to the 2007 style of the St. Louis Cardinals with Brendan Ryan. Brendan had spent the last three seasons in Mariner blue to only recently be sent t the New York Yankees.
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

#128 Ted Martinez, Dodgers

Card Front: I've always liked the classic look of the Dodgers uniform. Even when they were on the road the grays just looked right. I don't think that Ted's hat perched on top of that big 'ol afro will work though. There is just so much about this card that just screams 1970's.
Card Back: Just look at Ted's numbers and you can tell he was not an everyday player. Four teams all saw some type of potential but not enough to have him play consistently. The Dodgers would never afford him that chance with their set infield of four guys.
Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Ted's final big league season in 1979 we was hooked up with Manny Mota as Dodgers. Manny stayed around for a bit longer to be part of the 1982 squad with a young Alejandro Pena. Alejandro would stay around for many years and would play on the 1995 Boston Red Sox with Eric Gunderson. Eric saw time in 9 games for the Mariners in the forgettable 1992 season.
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

#127 Thad Bosley, White Sox

Card Front: A very classic look. There is such focus and intensity on Thad's face. I know that many people like to rag on the White Sox for their uniforms of the 70's and 80's but I liked them. I think that the collars were a different look. I think the old look lettering of the jerseys and the simple hats were great.
Card Back: It always fun to see how a player progressed through the minors to make it to the show. Thad would take the time to make the show and bounce up and down all through his career that would last all the way through the 80's and see many teams along the way. How would you like to have been a pitcher for the Reds in 1949 and give up five HR's in one inning?
Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Spring Training of the 1982 season, the Brewers would trade Thad to the Mariners. He would see time in 22 games during that disappointing season. During Thad's second time as a California Angel in 1988 he would play with Terry Clark. Terry would be part of the 1997 Texas Rangers with Alex Diaz. Alex would be part of the Mariners for two seasons in 1995 and 1996. If wasn't for Alex's filling in for the injured Ken Griffey we wouldn't have had the magical run in the 1995 season to make the playoffs.
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