Sunday, September 15, 2013

#129 Marty Pattin, Royals

Card Front: It appears to be a rainy day in Detroit for Marty and the Royals. I guess if you can't play in the rain, you might as well catch up on some pictures for next season's baseball cards. There are some things you just miss like old stadiums, pullover jerseys, and powder blue. We all wonder though, where the ball Marty? Hello, McFly!! You need to convince us you are pitching by having a ball in your hand....
Card Back: I am one that loves to see lots of minor and major league stats on cards. I do like guys that have lots of big league stats with more than one or two teams. The amazing thing is the way that players back in the day could throw many innings and put up numbers, while players nowadays are so limited by pitch counts and other limitations. Amazing that you could hit 3 grand slams in one week.
Six degrees or less to Seattle: Yes, Marty was a member of the short lived Pilots in 1969. During Marty's rookie season in 1968 he was a California Angel with Tom Burgmeier. Tom would string it out until he was part of the Oakland A's team in 1984 with Dave Leiper. Dave would play around to find himself in the city of brotherly love in 1996, to be a Phillie with Scott Rolen. Scott would make it to the 2007 style of the St. Louis Cardinals with Brendan Ryan. Brendan had spent the last three seasons in Mariner blue to only recently be sent t the New York Yankees.
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Phantom Dreamer said...

I'm pretty sure that's at old Comiskey in Chicago, not Detroit.

GOGOSOX60 said...

Sox park indeed!! :)