Tuesday, October 30, 2012

#106 Frank Duffy, Red Sox

Card Front: Here we have Frank in all his posed glory on his swan song card. I would think that for a pitcher seeing him come up to the plate wouldn't all that intimidating. You have to love the simplicity and style of the classic Red Sox uniform including the iconic red hats. I can't tell if this is a Spring Training shot from Florida with two decks, or is it a stadium that I can't quite figure. Does anybody know the answer??

Card Back: I guess these would be the proto-typical numbers of a SS back in the 70's. There was a time when you could get away with that if you could play the field. Nowadays they are big and put up big stats. Frank left Cincy in a trade for a cog in the Big Red Machine in George Foster. He left the Giants with Gaylord Perry to head to Cleveland. Frank saw time in 6 games with only 3 AB's in 1979 before being let go on May 22, 1979 and was done with baseball.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: In the middle of Frank's productive years in Cleveland, one of his teammates during 1975 was Oscar Gamble of Afro fame. As Oscar would continue on in his career, he would team up with Dennis Rasmussen as part of a forgettable 1984 New York Yankees team. Dennis would keep plugging along in his career to be part of the 1995 Kansas City Royals with a September call up at Catcher in Mike Sweeney. Mike would wind down his career in 2009 and part of 2010 with Seattle before a quick stop in Philly, and hanging it up after the 2010 season.

Blog related to the team: It was a rough season for fans of the Sox in 2012. What should have been a celebration with the 100 years of Fenway was a nightmare. But I know that their fans are a proud bunch and never give up on their team. One guy that sometimes is quite a poster, does kind of go into hiding sometimes too. One thing he doesn't hide is his love of Boston sports teams. You might know him as Offy. You might have known and read him as The Sports Syzygy. It's been awhile since we've gotten new stuff from him, so I hope we can bring him out of hiding.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

#105 Rick Camp, Braves

Card Front: Does this card just scream 70's or what? There is just so many things to laugh at. Between Rick's high top mesh cap to the longer hair, even the fans in the background look like turn back the clock. I wish I could remember the Braves wearing the pinstripes, I think they look good but I like the cleaner look of today' uniforms. Why is Rick looking off to his left? Is there some kind of rare West Palm Beach bird he sees?

Card Back: How about that? Grow up in Georgia, go to college in Georgia, and then your hometown team selects you in the draft. That is what dreams are made of boys and girls. Two full seasons in the minors and you get a late call up. Rick would spend his whole career with the Braves through 1985 before being released in 1986. Sadly, he was convicted to 3 years in a Federal Prison in 2005 for conspiring to steal $2 million. He did hit a game tying home run in the early hours of July 5, 1985 only to see the Braves eventually lose, but it is the one few memorable hits he had.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Rick's 1977 season in Atlanta, he was a Brave along with Eddie Solomon. Eddie would than takes his talents to Pittsburgh, and in 1980 be a Pirate with young Tony Pena. Tony would move around quite a bit, but would be part of the 1997 Chicago White Sox with Magglio Ordonez. In 2011, Doug Fister was traded to the Detroit Tigers and was a teammate with Magglio. Doug spent 2 1/2 seasons from 2009-2011 with the M's before a bad trade that got us nothing, but got Doug to the World Series in 2012.

Blog related to the team: I love teams like the Braves. How could we all not be some kind of Braves fans back in 1980's. We were all starting to get the SuperStation WTBS in our homes and watching baseball every day. One guy that isn't too far away from me geographically, is a big Braves fan. He does a great break down of cards with his tomahawk on The Card Chop. Give a west coast Braves some love and go over and read up!!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

#104 Johnny Oates, Dodgers

Card Front: It is always good to see the back up guys get their own cards. Johnny may have on the old school catcher's gear, but it looks good. From the simple but effective chest protector, to the flowing hair and moustache coming from under his backwards helmet it screams 70's. He definitely looks like a ball player, and not some robot that we see on some catchers today.

Card Back: Eight years in the big leagues and you have seen four teams. Sadly two seasons saw less than 10 games, and only one time did Johnny play more than 100 games in a season. Topps says he was 6 feet tall, but when he was a manager, my wife and I both remember him as "little Johnny Oates." In 1915, a 41 year old Honus Wagner hit a "Grand Slammer", I like how the name has slowly changed in the baseball community.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: In what would be John's first full season in the big leagues with the Orioles in 1972, Johnny would spend time with Don Baylor. Later, before both players would manage, Don moved on to be part of the Boston Red Sox in 1986, another of those Sox was a young Roger Clemens. Toward the end of his tainted career, Roger played on the 2007 version of the New York Yankees. Another part of that Yankees team, with his high price tag, and checkered past was Alex Rodriguez. Alex gained fame in Seattle, and saw time from short stints in 1994 and '95, thorough the end of the 2000 season before heading to Texas for the big money.

Blog related to the team: If you have ever read a few blogs about baseball collectibles, cards, or any other good stuff you know there are lots of Dodgers fans. I know of one that writes his blog about his True Blue love affair. He can show you autographs, stuff you didn't know about, or his specialty-- DodgerBobble. I know he has been around for a long time, and he will travel to just about anywhere in Southern California to get his bobble head, or autos and I love reading about the successes. Go look for  yourself.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

#103 Jim Todd, Mariners

Card Front: Here we have Jim doing his best to show off the beauty of the Mariners road blues from the 1978 season. With the sunny day in Oakland, you kind of lose where Jim is, and the sky. I do have to say that the big bushy moustache, and long wispy hair coming from that super high pitchfork hat just screams late 70's. If the teammate over his left shoulder isn't careful Jim may take a throw to the back of the head.

Card Back: You know you are trade fodder when the back of your card tells more about your trades and moves to other teams than there is stats for your big league carer. Because Topps used to create these cards so far in advance and there was no Update set like today, you would never know that Jim was released in February of 1979, only to go back to the A's and be there in 1979. The Royals must have been awful lousy to use 27 guys in a nine inning game back in 1969!!

Six degrees or less to Seattle: When Jim first got to the show with the Cubs in 1974, there was a young 3rd baseman named Bill Madlock who played with him. Before Bill got to Pittsburgh fame, he was a part of the 1977 San Francisco Giants. Another of those Giants from that year was Marc Hill. After spending his time in Orange and Black, Marc would move to the south side of Chicago to play for the White Sox with Bobby Thigpen in 1986. Bobby would ride off into the sunset in 1994 with the Mariners, seeing 7 2/3 innings in 7 games and going 0-2 to finish his big league career.

Blog related to the team: I can honestly say it is lonely being a Mariners fan. Not many people will admit to being able to root for this team. We have been pretty bad for a long time. One man that may not root for them, but I'm sure has picked up his fair of Mariners cards buys his Sportscards From The Dollar Store. While it is a newer blog, I have totally fallen in love with the cards that he is finding in the cheap stores and showing off to us. Go head over to see what can be found on the cheap. and maybe you should head out and get some inexpensive cards of your own!!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

#102 Mike Anderson, Orioles

Card Front: Thanks for this thing of beauty Topps. Are you telling me that some time in the last months of the 1978 season you couldn't get down to Baltimore to get some king of picture of Mike in Orioles gear? The airbrush job on Mike's hat is awful. The bird isn't smiling, he almost looks like he's unsure. Mike even looks like he was aged by the airbrush to look older.

Card Back: I guess that looking at Mike's numbers, he was more of a defense first guy. While none of his stats in either Philly or St. Louis were off the charts, those Orioles numbers absolutely horrendous. I guess the only positive from an .094 average is that you had as many RBI's as hits. Jimmy Cooney of the Cubs, never heard of him but unassisted triple plays are awesome to see.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Mike's second and final season as a Redbird in 1977, he spent time playing along side Joel Youngblood. Joel decided it was time to go out west , and in 1987 was a San Francisco Giant with Candy Maldonado. Candy decided he needed some foreign time and in 1995 was with the Toronto Blue Jays, and being teammates with Paul Menhart. Paul would come to Seattle for the 1996 season in a minor deal of players. Paul did see 11 games for the Mariners.

Blog related to the team: Do you know Bob? I'm sure you know a Bob, there are many out there but this man is Commishbob. He is multi talented and has more than one blog. Today he is proud to show us the joys of being The Five Tool Collector. He's kind of like me in that we like the same things but different teams, and decades. I have really found this blog to be a joy to read. It is well written, and always is giving me something new to look out. How could you not love that his avatar is being used by the O's in their postseason run this year!! Go see him and read up on some fun stuff.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

#101 Roy Howell, Blue Jays

Card Front: There is just so much goodness going on here. As we can all tell it is taken at Yankee Stadium during a day game. That definitely isn't Thurman Munson behind the plate, but I think it is either Ellie Hendricks in 1977, but most likely the 6' 4" Cliff Johnson in 1978. I personally have always loved the baby blues that the Jays used to rock in the 70's and 80's. I know it's all changed, but wasn't the Yankees and their orange chest protectors and knees on the shin guards kind of iconic?

Card Back: Roy has going along just fine in Texas after getting a late 1974 call up. While he wasn't a big bat by today's standards he was there. Then in 1977, the Rangers had Toby Harrah to play 3rd, and Roy was out to Toronto. The fact of hitting .300 for an expansion club I think is a little skewed since Roy only got into 56 games for 364 AB's. Regular 3B at the age of 21, and traded away not long after turning 23 has got to be hard to swallow.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Roy's first full year playing 3rd base for the Rangers in 1975, one of his fellow Rangers was Mike Cubbage(with that name he should be in Chicago). In the strike shortened season of 1981, Mike was a part of the New York Mets with a young man that would last in the big leagues forever in Jesse Orosco. Finally at the age of 46, and playing for three teams in 2003 Jesse saw time in 1252 games and shared the mound in San Diego as he and Oliver Perez were Padres together. Oliver signed as a free agent and spent 2012 in the Mariners bullpen.

Blog related to the team: Is it just me, or are there just not enough fans of the teams from the north? It is not easy to find fans of the former Expos, and I have been able to track a few of the only Canadian team left. One of those that's out there and giving us great stuff on the Blue Jays tells us the virtues of the Tao of Stieb. I remember Dave Stieb as one of the first Jays I knew and liked. The two writers of the blog give you good info and insight to the players and the team that proudly represents the Maple Leaf. Go and see what they have say, and read up!

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