Saturday, January 25, 2014

#144 Sandy Alomar, Rangers


Card Front: This is the look of  a player that has seen his time in the big leagues with the classic look away pose. Sandy did know how to make it look good and natural. There is something of the look of the Rangers in the late 70's through the 80's. I wonder why most teams have gone away from the two tone caps, is it because they aren't cool or don't sell to the kids?

Card Back: This is what it looks like when you've been around for awhile. What is strange that Sandy only was in 24 games during 1978 and had already left the game and wasn't even around for the 1979 season. Sandy did spend most of his time as an Angel, but also did the New York double dip with both the Mets and Yankees.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Sandy's last season on the south side of Chicago with the White Sox in 1969, he would play with the legendary Tommy John. After a famous surgery, Tommy would last for a long time making it all the way to be part of the 1987 New York Yankees. Another of those Bronx Bombers was Al Leiter. A man of many teams in many seasons saw Al be part of the 2001 New York Mets with Desi Relaford. While Desi was originally drafted by Seattle in 1991, he would see time in Seattle until being a Mariner in 2002.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

#143 Tony Scott, Cardinals

Card Front: Welcome to a spring training road game in Florida. It is cool to think back to the times before MLB was all about a money making business, and guys would wear normal unis in spring. I think that the Cardinals were one of the few teams that could make the blue roads look awesome. Tony was very color coordinated with his hat, sleeves, and batting gloves.
Card Back: It is always cool to see a 42nd round draft pick make it all the way to the show. While Tony never really got the chance in Montreal, he was average in St. Louis. Tony would make average into a fairly long career though. Tony was much more of a defensive guy than his offensive numbers.
Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Tony's farewell season, he would find his way back to where he began in Montreal. One of his Expos teammates was Gary Lucas. Gary would pack up and two years later, he would be helping the California Angels to the ALCS in 1986 with Jack Howell. Jack was another of the traveling type. During the 1999 season, Jack was in Houston with the Astros. After signing as a free agent before that season, Matt Mieske would make into 24 games for the Mariners. In mid-June of that year, the Mariners traded Matt to Houston for Kevin Hodges allowing Matt and Jack to play as Astros together.
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Monday, January 13, 2014

#142 Charlie Williams, Giants


 Card Front: I can't tell if Charlie is excited to have his picture done for a card or if he is genuinely disinterested. I know that no matter what time of year, you can tell it is Candlestick Park with the vinyl sleeves under his jersey. I've never been too hip on the orange bill of the Giants cap, but I sometimes wish they would bring back the script pullover tops.

Card Back: I can't really see any stats that jump out and get your attention. I guess when you are a situational reliever you won't stand out. I think that I would be happy to be able to tell my kids and grand kids that I was traded to San Francisco for a Hall of Famer in Willie Mays. I know that is something I would let everyone know about!

Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Charlie's fourth season in the Bay in 1975, Charlie was partnered up with Garry Maddox. Take yourself to the 1979 season, and Garry would be in St. Louis as a Cardinal with Lonnie Smith. It would take another 11 years, but during the 1990 season in Atlanta, Lonnie was a Brave. Another of those Braves was Jim Presley. Jimmy had come to Atlanta after the 1989 season when the Mariners had traded him for Ken Pennington and Gary Eave. Jim had been a starting All Star 3rd Baseman for the Mariners from 1984 through the 1989 season.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

#141 Tom Paciorek, Mariners

Card Front: Tell how can you not love the Mariners road jersey of the early days? I know people weren't always hip on powder blue but I always thought they were great. I don't know why Tom has a red shirt on under his jersey unless it was a lucky shirt he brought with him to Seattle. Whatever he is watching go on, he is definitely focused on it.
Card Back: Tom could never really get consistent playing time while with the Dodgers. I guess it is hard when they have some other good outfielders. The Braves thought he would be a good fit in 1976 letting him play quite a bit. I guess one season wasn't enough as they would give him less and suddenly would let him go. His brother was Houston Colt .45, I still love the name and look of the team even though they've gone away from the look.
Six degrees or less to Seattle: After the Mariner traded Tom to the Chicago White Sox, one of his 1983 teammates was Joel Skinner. Joel was a man that couldn't be held down, and in 1991 he found his way to Cleveland. While with the Indians he would be part of the Tribe with Rudy Seanez. Rudy was another of those players that would just keep hanging around no matter how you tried to get rid of him. As you fast forward to 2008 in Philadelphia, Rudy was part of that Phillies team with Greg Dobbs. Greg stared his career with the Mariners, playing in parts of seasons between 2004 and 2006. He was waived and has been in Philly and Miami since leaving.
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

#140 Don Gullett, Yankees

Card Front: Ahh, the classic pitcher's pose in the great Yankee Stadium. It does make sense since Don is a Yankee. There is nothing more historic than the frieze and pinstripes. I really can't make heads or tails of the look on Don's face if he is intense, lost, or just bored with the camera.
Card Back: There was no wasting time getting to the majors here. Drafted in June and up the next year with the Reds. It is kind of amazing that the Reds let Don go after some pretty good years. I wonder if it's an oxymoron to be from Kentucky and be a Yankee? I do find it interesting to find out how many brawls you have after you hit three Angels in one inning.
Six degrees or less to Seattle: During what was probably one of Don's best seasons in 1973, one of his Cincinnati teammates was Clay Carroll. Clay was a player that couldn't be held down by one team and had to have freedom to roam. He would roam all the way to Pittsburgh to be a Pirate in 1978with Ed Whitson. During his time in the big leagues, Ed was known to be a pretty good player too. That is why in 1989 he was a part of the San Diego Padres with a young Andy Benes. During the magical playoff run of 1995, the Mariners would make a trade to bring Andy to Seattle and he delivered a 7-2 record in his 12 starts. The Mariners would let Andy leave after that season and he went on to St. Louis to be a Cardinal.
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