Sunday, January 5, 2014

#141 Tom Paciorek, Mariners

Card Front: Tell how can you not love the Mariners road jersey of the early days? I know people weren't always hip on powder blue but I always thought they were great. I don't know why Tom has a red shirt on under his jersey unless it was a lucky shirt he brought with him to Seattle. Whatever he is watching go on, he is definitely focused on it.
Card Back: Tom could never really get consistent playing time while with the Dodgers. I guess it is hard when they have some other good outfielders. The Braves thought he would be a good fit in 1976 letting him play quite a bit. I guess one season wasn't enough as they would give him less and suddenly would let him go. His brother was Houston Colt .45, I still love the name and look of the team even though they've gone away from the look.
Six degrees or less to Seattle: After the Mariner traded Tom to the Chicago White Sox, one of his 1983 teammates was Joel Skinner. Joel was a man that couldn't be held down, and in 1991 he found his way to Cleveland. While with the Indians he would be part of the Tribe with Rudy Seanez. Rudy was another of those players that would just keep hanging around no matter how you tried to get rid of him. As you fast forward to 2008 in Philadelphia, Rudy was part of that Phillies team with Greg Dobbs. Greg stared his career with the Mariners, playing in parts of seasons between 2004 and 2006. He was waived and has been in Philly and Miami since leaving.
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Phantom Dreamer said...

The Mariners' road uniforms from 1977-80 were pretty bad. They got better from 1981-84 and achieved perfection in 1985 & 1986. It's been downhill since 1987 however.