Wednesday, January 1, 2014

#140 Don Gullett, Yankees

Card Front: Ahh, the classic pitcher's pose in the great Yankee Stadium. It does make sense since Don is a Yankee. There is nothing more historic than the frieze and pinstripes. I really can't make heads or tails of the look on Don's face if he is intense, lost, or just bored with the camera.
Card Back: There was no wasting time getting to the majors here. Drafted in June and up the next year with the Reds. It is kind of amazing that the Reds let Don go after some pretty good years. I wonder if it's an oxymoron to be from Kentucky and be a Yankee? I do find it interesting to find out how many brawls you have after you hit three Angels in one inning.
Six degrees or less to Seattle: During what was probably one of Don's best seasons in 1973, one of his Cincinnati teammates was Clay Carroll. Clay was a player that couldn't be held down by one team and had to have freedom to roam. He would roam all the way to Pittsburgh to be a Pirate in 1978with Ed Whitson. During his time in the big leagues, Ed was known to be a pretty good player too. That is why in 1989 he was a part of the San Diego Padres with a young Andy Benes. During the magical playoff run of 1995, the Mariners would make a trade to bring Andy to Seattle and he delivered a 7-2 record in his 12 starts. The Mariners would let Andy leave after that season and he went on to St. Louis to be a Cardinal.
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