Monday, January 13, 2014

#142 Charlie Williams, Giants


 Card Front: I can't tell if Charlie is excited to have his picture done for a card or if he is genuinely disinterested. I know that no matter what time of year, you can tell it is Candlestick Park with the vinyl sleeves under his jersey. I've never been too hip on the orange bill of the Giants cap, but I sometimes wish they would bring back the script pullover tops.

Card Back: I can't really see any stats that jump out and get your attention. I guess when you are a situational reliever you won't stand out. I think that I would be happy to be able to tell my kids and grand kids that I was traded to San Francisco for a Hall of Famer in Willie Mays. I know that is something I would let everyone know about!

Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Charlie's fourth season in the Bay in 1975, Charlie was partnered up with Garry Maddox. Take yourself to the 1979 season, and Garry would be in St. Louis as a Cardinal with Lonnie Smith. It would take another 11 years, but during the 1990 season in Atlanta, Lonnie was a Brave. Another of those Braves was Jim Presley. Jimmy had come to Atlanta after the 1989 season when the Mariners had traded him for Ken Pennington and Gary Eave. Jim had been a starting All Star 3rd Baseman for the Mariners from 1984 through the 1989 season.

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