Saturday, January 25, 2014

#144 Sandy Alomar, Rangers


Card Front: This is the look of  a player that has seen his time in the big leagues with the classic look away pose. Sandy did know how to make it look good and natural. There is something of the look of the Rangers in the late 70's through the 80's. I wonder why most teams have gone away from the two tone caps, is it because they aren't cool or don't sell to the kids?

Card Back: This is what it looks like when you've been around for awhile. What is strange that Sandy only was in 24 games during 1978 and had already left the game and wasn't even around for the 1979 season. Sandy did spend most of his time as an Angel, but also did the New York double dip with both the Mets and Yankees.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Sandy's last season on the south side of Chicago with the White Sox in 1969, he would play with the legendary Tommy John. After a famous surgery, Tommy would last for a long time making it all the way to be part of the 1987 New York Yankees. Another of those Bronx Bombers was Al Leiter. A man of many teams in many seasons saw Al be part of the 2001 New York Mets with Desi Relaford. While Desi was originally drafted by Seattle in 1991, he would see time in Seattle until being a Mariner in 2002.

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