Sunday, February 2, 2014

#145 Rick Rhoden, Dodgers

Card Front: As the old movie line went, "I'm ready or my close up Mr. DeMille." Even though it is a fairly close up of a young Rick, it is a very timeless and classic look. There is just something about the Dodgers uniforms. It is sad to know that the Dodgers left their long time home of Dodger Town as a complex in Vero Beach to get some nice new digs in Arizona.
Card Back: I guess it's safe to say that in Topps' mind the only real significant season that Rick has had was in 1977. I think that 2 hit performance is noteworthy, but I think you could do better than a relief appearance in the playoffs. I wouldn't mind being Gene Tenace and homering in what would be the start of a three-peat in the World Series.
Six degrees or less to Seattle: I know that some lovers of the Dodger blue might disagree with me, but I think Rick is most known for his time in the Steel City. While Rick was with the Pirates during the 1986 campaign, another of those Buccos was Rich Sauveur. Rich wasn't much of a big league guy seeing time in 34 games in six spread out seasons with six teams from 1986-2000. Rich's final season was with Oakland in 2000, and another of those Athletics was Omar Olivares. Omar came to Seattle in July of 1997 with Felipe Lira for the playoff run of 1997. Omar started 12 games and relieved another and wasn't great but did help the M's make the post season.
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