Saturday, February 15, 2014

#146 Duane Kuiper, Indians


Card Front: There are so many things going on with this card that catch my eye. One of the things that you didn't see much of in the 70's was black batting gloves. Duane's look like the infamous OJ Simpson black gloves, but I'm sure Kuip is a much nicer guy. My other issue is with Topps using a pic of a uniform that was last worn in the 1977 season. With all the flack the Tribe has caught for Chief Wahoo, this would be a good compromise look to bring back full time.

Card Back: I don't think you could say these are any kind of eye popping stats, but they are definitely solid. Duane definitely was no power hitter with only one HR, but sometimes you need guys to get on base and Kuip did that. It looks like George Hall was able to get hit more homers in one game in 1876 than Duane could in five seasons.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: Duane would eventually move on to be with the San Francisco Giants, a team that he continues to be with today as a broadcaster. During his time in Candlestick, one of his 1983 teammates was Atlee Hammaker. Atlee would spend time in the 1995 season on the south side of Chicago as a White Sox with Roberto Hernandez. Roberto would be part of the 2006 Pittsburgh Pirates with Oliver Perez. Both Oliver and Roberto would be traded together to the New York Mets during that season. Before the 2012 season, Oliver signed with the Mariners and spent two seasons in the M's bullpen before being let go to find a new team for 2014.

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