Sunday, September 8, 2013

#128 Ted Martinez, Dodgers

Card Front: I've always liked the classic look of the Dodgers uniform. Even when they were on the road the grays just looked right. I don't think that Ted's hat perched on top of that big 'ol afro will work though. There is just so much about this card that just screams 1970's.
Card Back: Just look at Ted's numbers and you can tell he was not an everyday player. Four teams all saw some type of potential but not enough to have him play consistently. The Dodgers would never afford him that chance with their set infield of four guys.
Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Ted's final big league season in 1979 we was hooked up with Manny Mota as Dodgers. Manny stayed around for a bit longer to be part of the 1982 squad with a young Alejandro Pena. Alejandro would stay around for many years and would play on the 1995 Boston Red Sox with Eric Gunderson. Eric saw time in 9 games for the Mariners in the forgettable 1992 season.
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