Sunday, September 22, 2013

#130 Bob Watson, Astros

Card Front: It almost feels like a Skittles commercial. Taste the Rainbow. I really think it would be great if the Astros would wear these as a Sunday special. It seems as though we find Bob taking in a spring training game against the Mets. This definitely isn't the Astrodome, but I doubt they would wear white at Shea Stadium. It is always good to track the flight of your hit.
Card Back: What a long list of stats. It always neat to me to have seen a card with player's stats from only one team. That would be the case for Bob, but this would be one of the final ones. During the 1979 season he would go to Boston. In his final five seasons, he would make it to New York and Atlanta also. Not too bad to be an All Star in the mid 70's during the times of some great players.
Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Bob's long run in Houston, he had many players come and go in the locker room of the Astrodome. During the season in 1977, Bob would play with Terry Puhl in the rainbows. Terry would be around for a long time, and would spend some time in 1991 in Kansas City as a Royal with Brian McRae. Brian would make some time in Toronto in 1999, and one of his teammates for three games was Anthony Sanders. Anthony would come to Seattle in 2000 for one game, and would see nine more in 2001 only to have no more big league career. 
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Phantom Dreamer said...

In 1978, the Astros wore the same uniform for both home and road games. Are you familiar with the Dressed to the Nines page?