Thursday, February 2, 2012

#14 Rafael Landestoy, Astros

Card Front: Rafael showing off the great looking Astros uniforms of old. While he doesn't have the huge afro working, he wears his hat high on his head. I wonder what is off in the distance to his left that has him so intrigued?

Card Back: Rafael was a September call up for the Dodgers in '77 and saw the World Series. It seems that the Astros used him after acquiring him as a PTBNL in a trade in 1978. He would still play until the end of '84. You look at the June 15, 1925 game that in ended as a 17-15 game, and it sounds like a game from the mid 90's on steroids not a dead ball era game.

Six Degrees or less to Seattle: Rafael had a teammate in Houston in Jose Cruz. Jose's son was a Mariner in 1997 with Norm Charlton. Norm was a Cincinnati Red in 1988 with Eddie Milner. Eddie spent part of the 1981 season as a Red with Rafael.

Blog related to the team: One of the newer blogs to the world. I know that Trey of Rants, reviews, and fandom is an Astros fan. He does some great work and should try and look him up.

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Anonymous said...

LOL He looks so worried! And with the hat so high (almost like a chef's hat), he might be saying "you don't like my souffle? Really?"

Matt Runyon said...

I think I remember him crossing himself between every pitch when he was at bat during the 1980 playoffs.