Saturday, August 17, 2013

#125 Rick Burleson, Red Sox

Card Front: Obviously Rick is at the cage wondering how do I hit ball that far so I can get HR's too. I have to say that the classic look of the Red Sox wearing the red caps is timeless. I love today's navy blue look too but red does make them different from everyone else.

Card Back: How awesome would it have been to be in your second year with Boston and almost win the World Series in 1975? For a shortstop to have 285 putouts in 1977, you have to have pitchers that play to contact and let the defense do the work. I will always Rick more for his time when he was a California Angel since I would see him during the springs.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: Rick did have a long career in the majors. Close to the end was a season in 1987 as a part of the Baltimore Orioles. Another man on that Baltimore club was ex-Angel teammate Don Aase. Move on to 1990, and Don would find himself back in So Cal as part of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and would team with Lenny Harris. Lenny would make his rounds through the league, and in 1999 was a Colorado Rockie with Henry Blanco. Henry has been many places and seen many teams including this 2013 version of the Mariners.

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