Tuesday, November 6, 2012

#107 Jesus Alou, Astros

Card Front: Here we have one of the three famous Alou brothers. Jesus was the last of the boys to play in the majors. Both of his brothers would retire after the 1974 season. I know that many people will bash on the Astros and their rainbow uniforms, but I for one loved them. I'm wondering if this picture was taken at spring training because we all know the home whites would be in the Astrodome, but you can see the shadows of sunlight.

Card Back: This is what the backs of cards should look like. Fifteen seasons of stats from the early 60's all the way to the previous season. The Astros must have felt they needed another extra outfielder before the '78 season. It seems that after the 1971 season, Jesus either started to succumb to injuries, or age was starting to catch up since most seasons were a low number of games each season.  How about being drafted in 1959 to eventually play with Willie Mays?

Six degrees or less to Seattle: During Jesus' first season back in Houston in 1978, Jesus played with Tom Dixon. Tom would be a part of the 1983 Montreal Expos with Tim Raines. During Tim's final hurrah in 2002, he was a Florida Marlin with Brad Penny. Brad would move to be a Detroit Tiger in 2011 with Chance Ruffin. Chance came to the Mariners in the 2011 trade that lost us Doug Fister. Chance never saw Seattle in 2012, spending the season at AAA Tacoma.

Blog related to the team: While there aren't many Astros fans to be found in the blog world, I can make a somewhat similar connection. A blogger that at least comes from the same state gives us all good information about baseball cards. I'm sure that many of you read Craig in Texas' blog. He writes about My Topps Cards. I'm sure the Astros have a soft spot in his heart. If you haven't been there lately go and read up his great posts.

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