Sunday, December 9, 2012

#109 Joel Youngblood, Mets

Card Front: I have to admit that this card is so simple, but so right! You have a player in his home white uniform in a posed batting stance. There is no one behind him but empty seats, and the on deck circle. I'm really surprised how well Topps did. They could have maybe had Joel have matching gloves but I still think this is a card of beauty!

Card Back: You have to wonder if old Joel was starting to think he would never make it to the big leagues. When you spend 6 years in the minors, and three of those at AAA, it looks like your career has stalled. Joel would turn that around to last for another 10 years finally hanging it up at age 37 with a second stint back in Cincinnati. The Expos and Pirates use 74 players in a double header, they must have made call ups to almost the entire 40 man to pull that off...

Six degrees or less to Seattle: Joel would be in the Big Apple until the middle of the 1982 season, when he would head to Montreal for a quick stay as an Expo. Another guy to be in Montreal at that time was David Palmer. David would eventually find himself as part of the 1989 Detroit Tigers. During that same season, Matt Sinatro saw a total of 13 games in his career as a Tiger. Matt would move on to spend the next three seasons and 53 games as a Mariner. Matt coached for 15 years under Lou Piniella in Seattle, Tampa Bay, and Chicago.

Blog Related to the team: Do you know Michael? I hope you do. He is a newer blogger that has been with us for the last six months or so. You say to yourself I think so, but which one is his blog? You know you heard of it before, he is known as The Card Raven. I know that you all have seen or read one or many of his comments on your blogs, as he is a good commenter, and a great blogger. I'm proud to give him a little love today and am really hoping you will read his stuff and some him some niceness too.

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Brandon said...

Cool, we both have Youngblood as our recent post. I'm not the most fashion conscious guy but wearing two different batting gloves would drive me nuts!

Matt Runyon said...

The Reds really did him a favor by trading him. He wasn't going to get a chance to play with the machine.

Zayden said...

Very Cool! Im a big fan of 79 topps. Thank you for the mention and I will be looking forward to future posts!

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