Saturday, December 15, 2012

#110 Vida Blue, Giants

Card Front: I'm not too sure I would want to get in the box against a lefty with a look on his face like that. I guess it's safe to say that Vida knew he was a bad ass. I still wish that Topps would go back to the banner or something on cards to tell who was last year's All Stars. I know most people don't like the pullover double knits of the 70's, but I think the Giants was classic. How would you like to be that one person in the blue shirt in an empty Candlestick Park immortalized on Vida's card here?

Card Back: It is easy to see why he was an NL All Star in 1978. While it was an off year from previous, those are damn good stats. Look specifically at 1971's stats. Those are the kind of numbers that win you the Cy Young and MVP award in the same year. We see that Vida was traded across the Bay before the '78 season, but the Giants gave up 7 players and $300K to bring Vida to San Francisco. If you look at his IP for every year but 1972, you don't see those kind of innings nowadays with pitch counts.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: If we leap ahead a year to 1980, we find out that Vida was a Giant with Ed Whitson. In the summer of 1990, Ed found himself as a San Diego Padre as did  a young Rich Rodriguez. After winning the title in 2002, a 40 year old Rich tried to make the Anaheim Angels in 2003, but only lasted 3 games and quickly met Jose Molina. The Toronto Blue Jays needed a catcher in 2011 and for that year, one of their options behind the dish was Jose. Along with Jose, out in the outfield was Eric Thames. Eric played a half season in 2012 after a trade to bring him to Seattle.

Blog related to the team: This was the year of the never say die attitude of the Giants. To win 6 consecutive elimination games en route to a World Series title is amazing. I was routing for them every game of the playoffs. I became a secondary Giants fan a couple years ago after going to AT&T Park and seeing a game. In honor of their team winning the ultimate prize this past year, every Giants blogger I know gets some love. We all know Matt R of A Giant Blog, and 1977 Baseball, there is ARPSmith who has his Obsession for the Giants and Willie Mac, and Ryan G who I'm sure watched every game from his new home in Japan but knows that This Card is Cool. Another Bay Area guy that deserves a shout is the great Chronicles of Fuji. While I know he is an A's fan, I know he had to be rooting for the boys from the Bay!

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Commishbob said...

Vida was recruited as a star high school quarterback by the University of Houston and was going to commit until his father died and he decided he needed to earn a living to help his family so he went with pro baseball. At least that's how I've heard the story at UH.

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