Sunday, January 13, 2013

#111 Roger Freed, Cardinals

Card Front: Roger is relaxed and ready. He is hanging out before a day game on the road. He must know that he has life pretty good to be playing in the big leagues. I get kind of worried that Roger's eyebrows might swallow his face though. I know that the Cards did a throwback to the powder blues last year at home, but I would love to see them do it more often, I'm such a sucker for some of the old uniforms.

Card Back: It really does amaze me that Topps decided that even though Roger won the player of the year in 1970 we don't get any of his stats in the minors. When I was young and saw this I thought guys took a year off like Roger might have in 1973 and '75 since he didn't play in the majors. Now that I'm older I understand but I didn't back then. The Phils saw something in '71 but that was the only time Roger had really gotten a chance until this point.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: During what would be Roger's penultimate season in 1978, Roger was in St. Louis with Tony Scott. Tony would make his swan song season in 1984 north of the border in Montreal. One of Tony's Expos teammates that year was Tim Raines. Rock would take his talents to the south side of Chicago, and in 1993 wore White Sox with Joey Cora. Joey would sign with Seattle in 1995 to be part of the magical playoff run for the Mariners. Joey was also a finalist for the manager's job that is currently held by Eric Wedge.

Blog related to the team: I have to admit there are many fans of the Redbirds out there. I know that some are more passionate than others, but they all love their team just the same. One of the younger bloggers out there loves his team from the banks of the mighty Mississippi River in St. Louis. I'm sure you all have made a Fantastic Catch in your time. Well, Weston does it every time he puts up one of his posts. Whether he is posting about his favorite players, or working on group breaks he has it working. I'm hoping he doesn't lose his interest in the hobby like most younger collectors do, go on over and hit him up!!

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Commishbob said...

I always remember how excited Oriole fans were about Roger Freed. Too bad that talent-wise he was a AAA player at best.

I just found out via google that he had died back in 1996 of heart disease. He was only 49.

Cliff said...

Pretty nice brows, huh? I've got Roger and some more brow bros righcheer: