Sunday, January 20, 2013

#112 Phildelphia Phillies, Danny Ozark

Card Front: I am sure we all can tell this is definitely a photo shoot set up during Spring Training. Last time I checked there are no palm trees in Philly. I find it odd though that if you really start to sit and study the team photo, there as many guys in polo shirts as there are baseball uniforms. There really is no consistency with a red polo, some white ones with god awful white pants, one with a red collar, some pullover v-necks. The coaches look happy to be sitting there in the front, but the players just want to get back to the clubhouse for a drink and a smoke.

Card Back: Like I've said for every previous team card, and will continue this is what Topps needs to go back to. A team card that gives us who to look for on out team instead of all these fluff extras they give us every year. There are three guys that are HOF'ers on here, two as a player and one broadcaster in Carlton, McCarver, and Schmidt. Unfortunately not one of the guys on the checklist would play for Seattle, but Larry Bowa was a coach in 2000 under Lou Piniella, and Ted Sizemore currently works in the front office.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: Danny never made it to the big leagues as a player. During the 1947 season, Danny played for the Ft. Worth Cats of the Texas League. One of his teammates was Toby Atwell. Toby would eventually make it to the majors and in 1955 was a Pittsburgh Pirate with Dick Groat. During his rookie season of 1962, my favorite player Willie Stargell would share time in the Steel City with Dick. During the bicentennial of our country, Willie would spend time in the 1976 season in Pittsburgh with Craig Reynolds. Craig was traded to Seattle before the 1977 season, and was the Opening Day SS for the Mariners. He would be the lone All Star for us in 1978, before being traded after 1978 to the Houston Astros.

Blog related to the team: So many Phillies fans that collect cards and have blogs. I wish sometimes when I do these posts I could assign people to other teams, but I want them to be linked to the boys they love. One collector's love for the Fightin' Phils love that never wavers like it when Things Are Funner Here. I'm sure most all of you have read plenty of what Julie was given us over the last 2+ years. I like the work she does, and I always find it refreshing to have the ladies love of hobby as much as we do. Go over and tell her hi now!

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I found it odd, but appealing, that a lot of Phillies team cards from this era featured the players without caps.