Saturday, March 31, 2012

#46 Ron Hodges, Mets

 Card Front: There isn't too much to discuss on this one. We see Ron leaning against the batting cage with the sun in his eyes. I would assume if it was today's players, you wouldn't see a squint just a pair of nice Oakleys. I have to admit, I still like the simple look and colors the Mets used back then.

Card Back: We see Ron's stats halfway through his career. He would be with the Mets his whole career through 1984. The action that Ron saw in the '73 series would be his only trip to the postseason. How did Ken Boswell go 13 innings at 2nd base without a chance in 1972??

Six degrees or less to Seattle: In Ron's last season in 1984, he would be able to catch a young guy named Doc Gooden. In 2000 as a member of the Houston Astros(yes, Doc pitched one game for Houston) Dwight was a teammate of Raul Chavez. Raul would be part of the 2005 Astros along with former Mariner Charles Gipson. Charles spent 5 years as a Mariner from 1998 through 2002.

Blog related to the team: While the Mets may be the little brother in the Big Apple, they have many fans. I agree with those fans because I don't like the Yankees. One of those numerous fans of the team from Queens is Kevin. Kevin has a newer blog over at Bonus Cantos. He touches on a little bit of everything but loves his Metropolitans. Head over, and check it out.

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