Sunday, April 15, 2012

#58 Bob Randall, Twins

Card Front: Thanks to astute reader Jeff, I now know that this was taken in Oakland. I didn't really recognize the cavern that is Alameda County Coliseum without Al Davis mountain in the background. The stadium was much nicer back then. I really with Bob would have stood more straight on because I don't need to see his man bump above his name.

Card Back: I seems like the Dodgers had Bob on the six or seven year plan to make the big leagues. I think it was a hard go with a guy like Dave Lopes in front of you. At least he got his chance when the Twins traded for him in December of 1975. I'm guessing that 1 HR in 1111 AB's isn't a good ratio. It's always nice to see Teddy Ballgame's name on any card for any reason.

Six degrees or less to Seattle: In Bob's time with Minnesota, he would share the infield with Rod Carew. The Hall of Famer would be part of the California Angels, and in 1985 play with a young Kirk McCaskill. Kirk would move on and play for the Chicago White Sox in 1996 with Mike Cameron. Mike moved to the Reds and would come to Seattle for Ken Griffey Jr in 2000. Mike spent 4 great seasons here, and officially retired as a Mariner this past Friday night, throwing out the first pitch at the home opener.

Blog related to the team: I recently ran a big ad on ECDG asking for blogs for teams. The Twins fans didn't step up, I wonder if anybody collects their cards? I guess we will have to pimp a blog that is full of Twins info instead. One of the first I found was called Twinkie Town. I don't know much about the site but it seems to have plenty of info. If you know of some Twins fans let me know, so I can feature those bloggers.

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